Equipment Sales

See The Rental Guys for equipment sales. Even though our name is The Rental Guys, WE SELL NEW AND USED EQUIPMENT. That’s right – any equipment we rent is also available for you to purchase. That includes our full line of

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Renting equipment has many advantages and makes a lot of sense in most cases but sometimes owning is a better option.  If that’s the case just give us a call and find out how we make owning quality equipment affordable.

Talk to Andy or Samantha about owning equipment today. New or used, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call or, If you prefer you can stop and see us in person at The Rental Guys Store.

Call The Rental Guys to Buy Equipment

Doolittle Trailers Xtreme Series
Doolittle Trailers Xtreme Series

Our available equipment inventory changes  constantly. If you have a specific need, please call and talk to one of The Rental Guys. We’ll always do our best to find the perfect equipment to meet your needs.