Supercharge Your Home Projects: Quad Cities Equipment Rentals for DIY Warriors

Have a major backyard renovation or house project brewing? The Rental Guys have all the heavy-duty equipment Quad Citizens need to tackle their wildest DIY dreams!

When it comes to renovating your home and outdoor spaces, having the right tools makes the difference between a frustrating weekend and a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Attempting projects blindly can also be downright dangerous. Leave it to the pros at The Rental Guys to set you up for DIY success!

We carry the top brands of rental equipment for every residential construction and landscaping application imaginable. Excavators, jackhammers, cement mixers, trenchers, wood chippers, lifts and more—we’ve got the gear to get ‘er done. Plus our team has decades of collective expertise advising homeowners and guiding them equipment selection and safe operation.

Dreaming up your next killer DIY project but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are some ideas to spark inspiration along with the vital rentals required:

Backyard Patterned Concrete Patio Rentals Needed: Concrete mixer, plate compactor, slab saw

Underground Sprinkler System Rentals: Trencher, PVC cutter & joiner

Teardown and Rebuild Garden Shed Rentals: Dump trailer, power tools, concrete mixer

Tree and Brush Clearing Rentals: Brush chipper, chainsaw, PPE, debris removal

Whether you’re digging drainage, demolishing a deck, or finally finishing that lingering basement remodel, The Rental Guys have all the right tools for your next DIY victory. Call or stop by today to chat equipment ideas for your home project wishlist!