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Explore Towable Boom Lift Rentals

When you’re gearing up for a big project and need some hefty equipment to reach those high spots, it’s tough to beat a towable boom lift rental from The Rental Guys. Our towable boom lifts are perfect if you’re looking for a combo of flexibility and power, making them a top choice for everything from construction sites to home renovations. 

The great thing about a towable boom is its convenience. Since they’re towable, you can haul these bad boys right behind your truck, bringing ’em right where you need ’em, when you need ’em. Plus, with a variety of heights and capacities, you can pick the perfect lift for your project needs. 

Not sure if a towable boom lift fits your plan? No worries! Drop in or give us a call, and we’ll help you sort through our lift rental options to find the ideal match. We’re not just about making rentals easy; we want to make sure you’re equipped for success. So, whether you’re painting, pruning trees, or installing signage, our boom lifts for rent are ready to elevate your work to new heights. 

Make sure to check out our next section on FAQs About Towable Boom Lifts for Your Next Project to dive deeper into how these machines can make your job smoother. The Rental Guys are here to lift your project off the ground—quite literally!

FAQs About Towable Boom Lifts for Your Next Project

So, you’re gearing up for your next big project and thinking about snagging a towable boom lift from The Rental Guys? Great choice, but you might have a ton of questions. Let’s dive into some common FAQs about towable boom lifts that could help you out. 

First off, what is a towable boom lift? Towable boom lifts are more commonly used by the homeowner and DIYer.  Usually designed to be lighter and easy to transport to a job site with a pickup truck.  The platform capacity is slightly less than a self-propelled boom lift but still suitable for many projects.

Why rent instead of buying? Renting from The Rental Guys not only saves you cash but also spares you the headache of storage and maintenance. Plus, with our industry solutions expertise, you get access to top-notch contractor tools and boom lifts, ensuring your project doesn’t hit a solutions collapse. 

Last but not least, let’s talk about safety and attachments. View our robust inventory, which includes all must-have safety gear and specific attachments that make the job easier. Don’t hesitate to ask more about how we can assist with your project needs!

A Word of Caution

Towable Boom Lifts are a safe tool for working in elevated positions but they must be used properly and respected for their ability to do substantial damage when safety is disregarded. You should always disconnect a towable boom lift from your vehicle prior to operating it. We’ve seen damage to vehicles when trying to operate a towable boom lift while attached to the vehicle’s trailer hitch. Your safest method is to ALWAYS DISCONNECT FROM YOUR VEHICLE and always follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions found in the Operators Handbook attached to every unit.