2021 DooLittle Dump Trailer For Sale

Howdy folks! Digger comin’ at ya with some big news about a great used trailer now available at The Rental Guys – a 2021 DooLittle 72×12 dump trailer ready to work for you.

Now this here trailer has only seen light use in its first couple years, and it shows – she’s still in great shape. It’s got a hearty 72-inch x 12-foot steel dump bed that can handle a full 12 yards of material. Big metal ramps stow up and out of the way so they don’t get damaged when you’re unloadin’.

One of my favorite features is the wireless remote control. Just push a button and you can raise and lower the dump bed from anywhere around the trailer. No more runnin’ back and forth to operate a manual crank or hydraulic controls. The future is here with that wireless remote!

This DooLittle trailer has electric brakes and comes with 3 years still left on the structural warranty from the manufacturer. So you know it’s built to haul for the long run. It’s even got a lifetime warranty on the LED lights – now that’s what I call durability!

For just $8,400 plus your local taxes, you can put this pre-owned 2021 DooLittle dump trailer to work for your business. Haul gravel, mulch, dirt – whatever you need moved, this trailer has got you covered.

So don’t wait, partners – call us at (309) 517-6458 or head on over to The Rental Guys today and check out this trailer deal. A solid used DooLittle dump trailer at a great price. And tell ’em your pal Digger sent ya! Happy haulin’.