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We’re The Rental Guys and even though our name says rental, we offer much more. We're your Quad Cities Equipment Experts. We rent equipment to contractors, homeowners, industrial, and ag customers. We also sell new and used construction equipment and offer equipment maintenance and repair on your owned equipment.

Gravely Zero Turn Mowers ZT-X 52We’re locally owned and operated and we’ve been in the equipment business in the Quad Cities for many years so we know what we’re doing and what equipment you’ll need for any job.  We’re conveniently located just across 27th street from Southpark Mall in Moline, Illinois.

The Rental Guys are equipment veterans.  We believe in good old-fashioned customer service and treating our customers like friends.  We believe in providing safe and dependable equipment, delivered to your job site or home. You won't have to jump through hoops to get the equipment you need.  Call or stop by today and see just what makes The Rental Guys the best place in the Quad Cities for any of your equipment needs!

We're Experienced & Local

Our guys know what they’re doing.  All of our guys have over 20 years in the business.  Serving contractors, industrial accounts and homeowners is in our DNA.  Plus we are locally owned and operated!  When you do business with us you’re supporting a local small business, not some giant corporation in another state or even country.


Contractors love The Rental Guys.  We’re easy to do business with and we know what equipment you need.  We’ll do our very best to meet your equipment needs and schedule.  You can pick up your equipment at our convenient location or we can deliver to your project.


Yep, we’ve got what you need for all your jobs around the farm. From track loaders to pumps & generators, we’ve got you covered.  Call The Rental Guys or stop by our store.  We’ll be happy to help you! Check out our Rental Fleet to see what we can supply.


Got a weekend DIY project coming up? Stop by or call The Rental Guys for the equipment you'll need to knock your project out fast. From lawn and garden to general rental items - The Rentlal Guys will make sure you get the right equipment for your job and make sure you know how to operate it. Call The Rental Guys or stop by our store.  We’d love to hear what you're building. Visit our Rental Fleet pages to see what we can supply and take a look at our Projects pages for ideas. Weekend warriors - we salute you!

Advantages of Renting Equipment vs Buying

If you need equipment and are considering buying it, hold on! There is a huge difference between renting equipment and buying equipment. Renting equipment will save you money in the long run, but also has many other benefits that make it worth trying for your next project. Let's look at some information about the advantages of renting equipment vs buying equipment so that you can decide which one is better for your business.

With renting you eliminate any potential repair bills making it easier to know your true costs ahead of time - no surprises. If you own your equipment you are faced with depreciation expense, whether you are using the equipment or it is sitting idle. Speaking of sitting idle, storing your equipment is another consideration. With rental equipment you simply return the equipment and your equipment expense stops.

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Bettendorf, Iowa

About Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf, Iowa is a city on the Mississippi River in the state’s southeastern corner. The city has a long history that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when European immigrants first settled in the area.

The first settlers in the Bettendorf area were mostly German and Belgian immigrants drawn by the fertile land and the chance to start new lives in the Midwest. The first permanent settlement in the area was established in 1835, and Bettendorf was incorporated in 1855.

The arrival of the railroad in the 1850s was one of the most significant events in Bettendorf’s early history. This resulted in a new influx of settlers as well as a boost to the local economy. The railroad enabled farmers to easily transport their crops to market, and it was a major factor in the city’s growth.

Bettendorf grew and prospered throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s. Several factories were located in the city, including a flour mill, a creamery, and a brickyard. It also had a thriving downtown area with numerous shops and businesses. The city’s industrial and economic development was aided by its location on the Mississippi River, which resulted in the construction of a large port and, later, a water treatment plant, which aided in the expansion of local businesses.

Bettendorf experienced significant population growth in the early twentieth century, prompting the construction of many new homes, schools, and businesses. The city thrived, particularly in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and tourism. Because of its location along the Mississippi River, the city became a popular stop for riverboat travelers and is still a popular spot for recreational boating and fishing.

Bettendorf is now a thriving city with a population of approximately 35,000 people. It is well-known for its welcoming community, excellent schools, and thriving businesses. The city has a strong sense of community and is always on the lookout for new residents and businesses. It also has several recreational parks and a casino. Bettendorf has a rich history and is still a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Map of Bettendorf, Iowa