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We Rent Equipment To Contractors, Industrial, Agricultural & Homeowners

The Rental Guys is the best source for Quad Cities equipment rentals because we have a large selection of high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. Heavy construction equipment, lawn and garden equipment, and DooLittle trailers are all part of our inventory. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable employees on hand to assist you in selecting the right equipment for your project and providing any assistance you may require during the rental period.

In addition to our large selection and knowledgeable staff, we also provide flexible rental options to meet your specific requirements. We have a rental plan that will work for you whether you need to rent equipment for a day, a week, or longer. We also provide delivery and pickup services, removing the need for you to transport the equipment yourself.

Our team will work with you to ensure you have the right equipment, at the right time, and at the right price. Our goal is to make your rental experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

Finally, our equipment is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it is always in top working condition. You can rest assured that our equipment is safe and dependable, and that you will be able to complete your project on time and within budget.

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Aerials to Dirt

Scissors lifts & boom lifts to trenchers & excavators and everything in between. When it comes to Equipment Rental, we’ve got you covered.

Rental Availability

The Rental Guys have rentals available  and ready to be picked up of delivered to your jobsite.

Quad Cities Equipment Rental Experts

Regardless of what type of project you have, let The Rental Guys help with your rental needs. Call us today and see how easy it is to rent just what you need.

Quad Cities Rentals Solutions

Images are used for illustrative purposes and may not reflect the actual tools or machinery we have available for rent

The Rental Guys really are your Equipment Rental Experts. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, The Rental Guys can supply the equipment you need to help you get the job done.

Take a look at our Rental Menu to see what we have available and get more details.  Then call Andy to schedule your next rental.

If you’re a new customer you can head on over and fill out our simple New Customer Application and you’ll be a step ahead on your rental.

Safe, Reliable Rental Fleet

Equipment RentalWhatever type of unit you need, The Rental Guys can help you make your project a success with Safe, Reliable, Equipment Rental . You can trust The Rental Guys to supply the right equipment and make sure you know how to operate it.

When it comes to renting from us, there are no second-class citizens. We’re among the top rental companies you”ll find. When you do business with The Rental Guys, you get first-class service and top-quality equipment and most of all – you get the expertise that our industry veterans have. Rent From The Experts.

Wide Variety of Equipment

The Rental Guys is the best place in the Quad Cities to rent almost any type of equipment including air compressors, asphalt pavers, cranes, forklifts, generators, hydraulic excavators, mini-excavators, motorized wheeled loaders, scissors lifts, skid steer loaders, tractors, telehandlers, vibratory rollers, wheel loaders and much, much more. We have an extensive equipment rental fleet of new and used units. We carry industry leading brands like Skyjack, Vermeer, Case, JLG, and many others.

If you don’t see exactly what you need, we’ll find it for you! And if we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you at a low price with fast delivery. The Rental Guys work with contractors, business owners, homeowners, government agencies, utility companies and institutions of all sizes.

We are the experts at renting equipment to contractors. When it comes to equipment rental, there are very few companies that can match our experience and knowledge. We understand how important it is for you to get the job done right the first time. That’s why we provide free consultations to all of our customers, so we can make sure you get exactly what you need. And don’t forget, we are the most heavily-recommended equipment rental company in the Quad Cities.

We have worked very hard to become one of the most trusted names in equipment rentals and we are ready and willing to work just as hard for you.

Call us today and see how we can make your next project easier with the right equipment! (309) 517-6458

Is It Better To Rent or Own Equipment?

There are pros and cons to both renting and owning equipment. It ultimately depends on your specific situation and needs.

Some benefits of renting equipment include:

  • Lower upfront cost: Renting equipment typically requires a smaller upfront investment compared to purchasing it outright.
  • Flexibility: Renting equipment allows you to choose the specific make and model you need for a specific job or project, and you can easily return or exchange it when you’re finished.
  • Avoid maintenance and repair costs: When you rent equipment, the rental company is responsible for maintenance and repairs. This can save you time and money on keeping the equipment in good working order.
  • Tax deductions: In some cases, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for the cost of equipment rentals.

On the other hand, some benefits of owning equipment include:

  • Potential cost savings: If you use the equipment frequently, it may be more cost-effective to purchase it outright rather than paying for multiple rentals.
  • Equity: When you own equipment, you can build equity in it. If you decide to sell the equipment later, you may be able to recoup some of your initial investment.
  • Control: When you own equipment, you have complete control over when and how it is used.
  • Ultimately, whether it is better to rent or own equipment depends on your specific situation, needs, and financial resources. It may be helpful to weigh the costs and benefits of both options before making a decision.

Equipment Rental Experiences

Google Review QR CodeHere are some real world experiences from customers who have used rental equipment from The Rental Guys. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences in renting equipment from The Rental Guys. Use our Contact Form to submit your feedback or write a Google Review. You can also scan the QR Code to write a Google Review.

The best experience with equipment rental in the Quad Cities! Everyone at The Rental Guys is courteous and knows the equipment. Couldn’t have asked for a better equipment rental experience. They’ll be my go-to rental store from now on. Thanks Andy and Ed!


Ryan Jones

I really appreciated the thoughtfulness the team there, especially Steve, put into the project we were trying to accomplish. He provided good advice and the right equipment at a fair price. The advice was free. 🙂


John Bloomberg

Nice equipment, great guys to work with.


Jerry Fillmore

The Rental Guys are great! Prompt delivery. Reasonably priced. Knowledgeable service department. Professional business people. Highly recommend. Will continue to use.


Donald Maring

These guys are the best. They have good equipment and incredible customer service. I have always been impressed by their friendliness and positivity. I would highly recommend them.

Robert Aaron

Always great to deal with a small business like myself vs the huge nationwide chains. I had to wait for availability of a skid loader on a weekend but well worth it to deal with Andy and the guys. I am in the construction business and appreciate the excellent service. Hope to use them much more in the future as I need equipment for commercial work.



These guys are great to rent from! Top notch equipment and expedited service. Andy and Ed are all about taking care of the customer.

Bruce Rains

Quality Equipment Rental

One of the factors in deciding where to rent your equipment is the quality of the equipment. The Rental Guys is a full-service equipment rental company that offers quality equipment for any event. We offer high-quality items at competitive rates, with the newest and most popular models in stock. Choose from aerial lifts, dirt equipment, air compressors, to trailers and more. The Rental Guys offers the best equipment rental experience possible. We offer high-quality items at competitive rates, with the newest and most popular models in stock. Our staff of friendly professionals is committed to providing you with excellent customer service so that your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

At The Rental Guys we understand the importance maintenance plays in providing our customers with safe, reliable equipment. Following manufacture’s guidelines for scheduled maintenance and inspections is key to preserving the life of equipment and minimizing equipment breakdowns. When you call The Rental Guys you can count of properly maintained equipment that functions correctly. Contact us today for all of your rental needs!

We’re Experienced & Local

Our guys know what they’re doing.  All of our guys have over 20 years in the business.  Serving contractors, industrial accounts and homeowners is in our DNA.  Plus we are locally owned and operated!  When you do business with us you’re supporting a local small business, not some giant corporation in another state or even country.


Contractors love The Rental Guys.  We’re easy to do business with and we know what equipment you need.  We’ll do our very best to meet your equipment needs and schedule.  You can pick up your equipment at our convenient location or we can deliver to your project.


Yep, we’ve got what you need for all your jobs around the farm. From track loaders to pumps & generators, we’ve got you covered.  Call The Rental Guys or stop by our store.  We’ll be happy to help you! Check out our Rental Menu to see what we can supply.


Got a weekend DIY project coming up? Stop by or call The Rental Guys for the equipment you’ll need to knock your project out fast. From lawn and garden to general rental items – The Rentlal Guys will make sure you get the right equipment for your job and make sure you know how to operate it. Call The Rental Guys or stop by our store.  We’d love to hear what you’re building. Visit our Rental Menu to see what we can supply and take a look at our Projects pages for ideas. Weekend warriors – we salute you!

What You Should Expect From Your Rental Equipment Dealer

Well for starters you should expect your equipment dealer to conduct business in an honest, ethical manner. We operate our business that way and treat our customers the way we like to be treated. You should also expect your dealer to place safety as a core value in their business.

You should expect the equipment rental dealership personnel to be knowledgable about the equipment they handle and provide the correct solutions for your project needs. They should be equipped to answer any questions you may have and to provide proper operator training.

You should expect to receive equipment that is safe and in good operational condition. Your equipment should be full of fuel when you receive it. It should be clean and free from leaks.

Operator Responsibility

You – as the operator of the equipment are ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the equipment. If you are unsure of how to operate the equipment, you should refer to the operator’s manual on the machine. If you are unable to locate the manual or are still unsure after reading the manual, you should immediately call The Rental Guys at (309) 517-6458 for assistance. We are always happy to help you and ensure you have a successful and productive experience with your equipment.

In the event of any malfunction, please STOP using the equipment and call (309) 517-6458 to report the issue. We will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.