Towable Boom Lift Rental

Towable Boom Lifts

Lightweight & Easy To Transport

Towable boom lifts are more commonly used by the homeowner and DIYer.  Usually designed to be lighter and easy to transport to a job site with a pickup truck.  The platform capacity is slightly less than a self-propelled boom lift but still suitable for many projects.

The disadvantage of using a towable boom versus a self-propelled unit is that they must be moved with a vehicle.  If your towable boom needs to be repositioned to reach adjacent areas, you’ll have to retract the boom into its’ stowed position and then reconnected to a vehicle.  Towable booms utilize outriggers for stability so care must be taken when positioning the unit to allow for the outrigger footprint.

If you’re planning a towable boom lift rental, make sure you have access to the area you’ll be working from. Depending on the area, you may need to back the unit into position. Even though towable boom lifts are relatively light in weight, they are still capable of doing some damage to the surface. If you’re concerned about your grass or landscaping, put down some planking or plywood to protect the area.

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Reasons To Rent a Towable Boom Lift

A company or individual may choose to rent a towable boom lift for a variety of reasons, including:

Renting a boom lift is often less expensive than purchasing one, especially for short-term projects or infrequent use.

Renting allows the user to select the best boom lift for the job at hand and return it when the project is finished.

Access to a broader range of equipment: Renting gives you access to a variety of different types and models of boom lifts that you might not be able to buy.

No worries about maintenance or storage: Because the rental company is responsible for maintaining and storing the equipment, the renter does not have to worry about these issues.

Reduced risk: Because the rental company is responsible for these costs, renting a boom lift reduces the risk of equipment becoming obsolete or requiring costly repairs.

It’s an excellent choice for seasonal work.

A towable boom lift is very mobile and easy to move around, which is beneficial for projects where the lift must be moved frequently.


Towable Boom Lifts are a safe tool for working in elevated positions but they must be used properly and respected for their ability to do substantial damage when safety is disregarded. You should always disconnect a towable boom lift from your vehicle prior to operating it. We’ve seen damage to vehicles when trying to operate a towable boom lift while attached to the vehicle’s trailer hitch. Your safest method is to ALWAYS DISCONNECT FROM YOUR VEHICLE and always follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions found in the Operators Handbook attached to every unit.

JLG T350 Towable Boom Lift in Action

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