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Gravely Mowers – 100 Years of Shaping the American Landscape

The Rental Guys are the area’s Preferred Dealer for Gravely mowers. If you’re looking for the best mowing equipment available, you’re in the right place.

For more than 100 years, Gravely has been fueled by a constant drive to improve. Designed for exceptional comfort and built with rock-solid dependability, Gravely makes sure you get the job done right—and right quick—acre after beautiful acre.

Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers

Visit Gravely’s website to see all the great Zero-Turn models.

Zero-Turn mowers can make quick work of your mowing.

Gravely Zero-Turn mowers are easy to use and powerful. And that power comes from an economical powerplant that squeezes the most out of a gallon of gas. That kind of efficiency is built in to every mower Gravely builds.

Welded into the DNA of every Gravely Zero-Turn mower is the power and performance you need to do the job right. From easy-to-use controls to dynamic framework to optimized lines of sight, our machines are built smart and strong—right down to the last detail.

Call Andy at The Rental Guys and find out more about the Gravely lineup of Zero-Turn mowers.

Gravely Stand-On Mowers

Visit Gravely’s website to see all the great Stand-On mower models.

Gravely Stand-On mowers offer outdtanding flexibility and performance.

Hop on and off quickly to remove debris and sticks in your path. Step off the machine quickly if needed for safety concerns.

Low center of gravity delivers better hill holding. Easy to maneuver around bushes and retention ponds. Ideal for tight spots such as landscaping.

Isolators on the standing platform reduce vibration and increase comfort. Some landscapers find standing easier on their backs than sitting. Enjoy better visibility than sit-on models.

Call Andy at The Rental Guys and see for yourself the quality built in to Gravely’s Stand-On mowers.

Gravely Stand On Mower

Gravely Walk-Behind Mowers

Visit Gravely’s website to see all the great Walk-Behind models.

For 100 years Gravely has provided the finest walk-behind products engineered and manufactured from scratch. It started in 1916 when Benjamin Gravely used an Indian Motorcycle engine to build his first motor plow.

Shortly after, Gravely started manufacturing the Model D plow which was used worldwide from Italy to Dunbar, West Virginia. Thousands of customers are still using their Model D today – products that are nearly a century old.

They’ve continued this historic legacy of manufacturing quality, hand-crafted products that use the same Gravely DNA as the first Model D off of the assembly line. Their walk-behind products are a staple to the Gravely brand and customers world-wide. Built to last decades and over-engineered for the toughest of jobs.

Call Andy at The Rental Guys and find out more about the Gravely lineup of Walk-Behind mowers.