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Self-Propelled Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are used to position workers and their tools to elevated working positions.  Pioneered by John L. Grove in the early 1970s, boom lifts have become commonplace equipment on most construction projects.  Self-propelled boom lifts can be driven from the platform control station – most can even be driven when fully extended.

Boom lifts are available in 2 main configurations.  The standard configuration (commonly referred to as a “straight boom”) is manufactured with a boom that extends out from the turntable in a straight path of extension.

The second configuration is the articulating boom (also know as a “knuckle boom”).

Boom lifts are available with many different options including 4 wheel drive and various power options such as gasoline, diesel or dual fuel which allows the operator to switch between gasoline and LP.

The original JLG had a maximum platform height of 27′.  JLG’s newest model is the 1850SJ which has a maximum platform height of 185′.

The major manufacturers of boom lifts these days are JLG, Genie and SkyJack.   The Rental Guys know them all.


Electric Powered Boom Lifts

A more recent variation is the Electric Powered boom lift.  These units are typically used indoors where exhaust frumes from an internal combustion engine would cause respiratory problems.

Typical platform heights for electric powered boom lifts are in the 30 to 45 foot range.

Genie Z3020

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