SkyJack Scissor Lifts

SkyJack Scissor LiftsSkyJack Scissor Lifts

SkyJack is one of the most respected brands in the aerial lift industry and The Rental Guys are proud to rent, sell and service SkyJack scissor lifts. Since 1985 SkyJack has been an innovator in aerial lifts and they continue to innovate and build the highest quality equipment.

Electric Powered Scissor Lifts

Also referred to as “Slab” machines, Electric scissor lifts typically use batteries for power. This category of scissor lift is intended to be used in industrial or other interior applications.  They have solid rubber tires and a smaller sized platform than their engine powered counterparts.  Most electric scissor lifts are able to fit through a standard 36″ wide doorway.

Commonplace today on most models of electric scissor lifts is a platform extension which provides a larger work area when extended, yet maintains a more compact overall length when retracted.  Platform extensions also allow for reaching over an obstruction.

SkyJack manufactures Electric Powered Scissor Lifts ranging from 15′ platform height all the way up to 40′ platform height.

Engine Powered Scissor Lifts

Engine powered scissor lifts, also know as Rough Terrain scissors are intended to be used on work sites without a hard or finished surface.  Rough terrain units are available with 4 wheel drive and are able to maneuver in dirt and muddy conditions.

The platform size is typically much larger that the electric scissor lifts and are powered by diesel, gasoline or LP.

Platform capacities of up to 2,000 pounds are common.

Some common uses for Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts include installing sprinkler systems, HVAC, plumbing, electrical conduit, and sheeting skin on new construction projects.

SkyJack manufactures Engine Powered Scissor Lifts ranging in size from 26′ platform height up to 50′ platform height.

Stop by The Rental Guys at 4300 27th St in Moline and see for yourself the quality, reliability and safety features built into each SkyJack scissor lift. Call us at 309-517-6458 if you can’t make it to our store and ask about SkyJack scissor lifts!